Once the mounts are tacked in, we use a couple of methods (before, during, and after final TIG weld) to ensure level, square, and positioning of the mounts. Below you see one of these. A busted case from a swap meet (this one procured for $50) is worth its weight in time and money when it comes to eliminating surprises when we drop that big inch mill into place.

This one is common sense. But of course, it does no good unless it is cross-checked to the levelness of the front motor mount and the square-ness of the steering neck – more on that next week.

I had been “choppin’” at da’ bit to use old school pointed blocks since I saw ‘em on local Jap-chop kingpin Billy Norton’s axle blocks. So, we put our mill - you’ll notice I use roughing end mills (cause I got a lot of eatin to do here) - to work on making “pyramids.” This is to cap the open ends of the square tubing (put in place last chapter). We start by clamping some 1” square bar into the machinist’s angle vise at exactly 45 degrees.

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