Seriously now, there are guys who build "old school" style and guys who build REAL "old school" - finding the correct vintage parts, studying the old mags, and doing it just how it was done. Not "old-school style meets modern technology" - just plain old old school. Such is the case with Rad - painter extraordinaire and founder of the one man crusade to "Save The Choppers" - here's his latest:

Hey Warren! Great to hear from ya. As always, the choppersrule site is looking great! You’re doing one hell of a job. It’s been a little too long between choppers here, but I finally threw myself at the Sportster project. The bike is pretty much done, short of a few wires if you look close! The collection of vintage parts (no repop shit here) took about two years. From the “Holy Bananas” bars, the Magnuson (MPD) finned primary cover, but best of all the PM 12-spoke cast aluminum wheels. I looked forever for a set of these, and had pretty much given up.