So that's Toga modeling for the image on the tank and that's Chowdah kickin' the pan to life on a warm day on the Western Slope of Colorado.

See, Toga likes to wrench and they both like to ride - so what makes more sense than "Hiz n' Herz" choppers? That's right - the perfect couple has a couple o' choppers and when they ride together it's a beautiful thing to see. Even more beautiful is their joint devotion to the classic chopper. Toga goes on with his story to say:

Took it apart and did a fine rattle can flat black paint job on her. Put her back together and scared the hell out of the locals for a while. True story [ The first day she was out our maiden voyage was to the gas station where a guy on a brand new bagger saw my and said nice bike,but when are ya gonna paint it??] He seemed a bit put off by my responce,oh well. I rode it for about six months and came across a pan motor looking for a home. We came to a price and the deal was done. I gave the motor to my wife for x-mas that year.

Now you know you've got a cool couple when he gives a panhead as a X-mas present and she digs it!