Let's talk for a moment about the essence of the chopper - it's not some candy-coated, over-bloated, extra-billeted $60,000 piece of garage jewelry.  It's a cut down, bare-bones riding expereience powered (generally) by a pan or shovel. It's kick start, belt-driven and pisses off the neighbors.

Well, that makes the bike on the left the essence of the perfect chopper, because it's all those things and then some.

Welcome to the the no bullshit bike, ladies and gentlemen - this is about riding, fun and being RIGHT THERE in the face of the experience. You get on, kick it hard, slap the tranny and hang on wiht a big grin on your face. It's not about money, people - it's about reality.

Now that I had a bagger to ride the mighty Shovelhead was on the chopping block, no pun intended. I set the now 2 year old frame on the table, blew the dust off it and began to have evil intentions toward this fine piece of steel. I made fender struts out of some quarter inch steel then took a boat trailer fender and cut most of it away After getting the rear section done I then went to the front. There was a huge double gusset at the headset that had to go. So a little trimming and some welding it turned into a key switch and high/low housing,t o keep the wiring clean. I took a king sporty tank and frisco'd it then the oil bag and wow it's almost done.