I know a lot of people - but I only have a few real friends.

They're the folks that when you do get to spent time with them you just throw your arms around each other and can't stop chatting. They're folks you've known for a long time - they may be far away physically, but they're always close in your heart. That's the deal with Chowdah and Toga.

I've known Chowdah for more than a dozens years - and I was the first guy to ride bitch on the back of her Road King. I think it scared the hell out of her - I just jumped on as she rode past our old clubhouse one day!

Anyway, because this is about bikes and not my personal buddy list, time passed and Chowdah got hitched to a cool dude named Toga who loves wrenching on the old iron. Well, let's let him tell a bit of the story:

Howdy, so this is how it went.
My wife has always wanted a Panhead. Back in 2002 I bought a rolling [well almost] chassis with jap wheels and a rusted out girder front end. Of course it sat in the shop for a while as I gathered parts. As it does,time kept marching on. I got a deal on a bagger so the chassis sat and stared at me while I wrenched on the bagger.It had way too much stuff on it.

He goes on to tell about his scoot - and we'll get to that in bit, but it's Ladies First and this fine panhead on the left is 100% Chowdah. What can I say - like the lady, the bike flat out rocks.