Here's a little story I call...
The Old In & Out
It seems every year the weather does the same damn thing. I'm sure the forces of nature are somehow tuned into exactly how my bike is running. It works like this: by the time the bike starts to really run good - the weather turns cold and this thing called "fall" starts.

This year is no different. I finally (I think) get rid of the high-speed, high-temp 75+ mph stall out - and the temperature outside drops like the bowels of a dude on a five-day burrito binge. This can mean only one thing. It's time to lock up in the garage with some good used swap meet parts and get some wrenching done on one of the many unfinished projects lurking in the area where people once parked things called "cars".

BUT, this also means it's almost time for the Rocky Mountain Fall Motorcycle Show and Swap. Last year I took a digital camera with me and took a pile of pictures. As I looked through them something (might've been a thought) passed through my brain - this was really TWO shows in one.

If you're like me, you like looking at bikes. I personally prefer cool older stuff that gets ridden - so for me, half of the bike show happens IN THE PARKING LOT. These are the daily drivers and road riders that go without a lotta polish but keep runnin' with a lotta elbow grease and love.

Don't get me wrong - the scoots in the show are some awe-inspirin' I broke this story into two parts, the inside and the outside. 'Cause each is it's own story and these pictures just about say it all!

Lets's check out the first show. The one you see when you pull into the parking lot on a sunny day in November 1996.

...and when yer through stumblin' around the parking lot, pay the dough and check out...

The folks at Hawg Wild who put on this great show now have a website! Check it out at:
and buy some stuff from 'em, OK?