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You meet the nicest folks on the internet - sometimes.

Actually "GreyMelon" is a helluva nice guy and a talented fabricator to boot. Per our fairly vague "choppersrule" spec (uh, kinda make it to fit a harlee) he built the bad-ass octagonal oil bag with softail-sized battery box shown here.

THEN he put together an article on how you can do it yourself! Whatta guy! He sez one of his tanks is gonna be in one of those Biker Build-Off shows. That's cool.

Anyway, if you don't wanna fire up the torch and would rather just fire up the plastic, visit his site at:
and buy some stuff. His prices are REAL reasonable for hand-made stuff.

Tell 'em Warren sent ya!

How to build an old school oil tank w/battery box
1. Bending the Body
To build a tank like this you really need a sheet metal brake.

I built this one because of the price gouging going on in the industrial world these days.

Maybe one day I'll write up an article on how to build a brake as well. It aint rocket science, that's for sure.
The tank starts off with 4 pieces of 16 gauge, hot rolled steel. The 2 larger pieces make up the body while the smaller two end up as end caps.
The two larger pieces are marked for bending. An octagon has 8 sides so each piece has to be bent into 4 equal faces.
Here's one half of the body being forced into submission...
...And here are the two halves ready to be welded.