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Well...ok folks, yer in for a real treat here. The people at Panhead Productions gave us permission to show you some samples of their killer video "Choppers and Chicks".  Here's the deal - the clips here have been edited so they're kinda "PG-13", the actual video contains nudity. It's a great piece o' work: Warren sez BUY OR DIE! You'll need the REAL Video Player to see this stuff. Get it here for free.

The Intro - High Bandwidth
The Intro - Dial-Up

Cool Babe and Knucklehead - High Bandwidth
Cool Babe and Knucklehead - Dial-Up

Babe w/Back and Panhead - High Bandwidth
Babe w/Back and Panhead - Dial-Up

Wild Ink - High Bandwidth
Wild Ink - Dial-Up

Burn Outs - High Bandwidth
Burn Outs - Dial-Up