Once upon a time, in a land far away, in a world now grown hazy with time I stood (er, wobbled) late at night in a friend of mine's kitchen with a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand. As the night wore on, my friend talked more and more about the strange dirt bikes known as Jawas that came from Europe.

Later that night, he took me out to a chicken coop on his farm property and showed me a half dozen of the rare birds gleaming in the dark and the swinging light of a single bulb on a wire. He had brought a container load to the US to sell.

I'd forgotten about the strange dirt bikes until I got this email:

Zdravo! im from bosnia . here is some pictures of my jawa ts 350 hand made chopper.hope you will like it.. if you dont.... "$&//%#)(/%$ so enjoy or else.......