Here's where it starts folks - you gotta get to the real nuts and bolts before you can bolt it together. I got some email from a coupla' guys in SoCal who call themselves Black Label Choppers. The bike pix they sent were so damn cool that I just figured the rest of the choppersrule crowd would wanna check it out. Felipe tells the story better than I could:

The shop (Black Label Choppers) Has been open for 6 mos. I came from another shop in the area (5 yrs there). Proir to that I had small fabrication shop for 2 years. I decided to close it because it was stagnant. IT wasn't growing at all and I was a Very bad business man. We are just a two man shop. We are a full service fabrication shop. We do welding, tube bending. Plasma cutting , sheetmetal, Machining, you name we will do it. We build frames (mostly for triumphs), gas tanks, fenders.and whatever it takes to make something that is truly original.