It’s good looking gear, well chromed and solid as hell – but at this point is doesn’t look like any triple-tree we’ve ever seem before, and that’s because it’s not. This kit is WAY more than raked trees, it actual changes the pivot point of your entire front end – it literally makes the front end “think” the frame has been chopped.

Trash whips out his trusty pocket pig-sticker and gently unpacks the contents.


Hey, don’t be a butthead, disconnect the battery before you do anything like this. For some strange reason, I love motorcycle electrics, so I’ll be handling that part of the surgery.

Drain the gas tank, pull the crossover lines and throw the thing someplace out of the way.

I show incredible mechanical skill by loosening four bolts and removing the fender.

Two bolts and the front caliper is off. You gotta love simplicity in design, and this folks, is what the Harley Davidson front end is all about.

Trash continues the teardown of the tanks. We had a little accident that left me smelling like a Conoco station. As long as I don’t light up a smoke for three or four years, I’ll be fine.


Badass Bolt-On Chopper: The ONE DAY Chopper Build

AME Chopper Kit turns your stocker into a serious ready-to-ride chopper in ONE DAY! Warren and Trash put this innovative kit through its paces and come away grinning!

I’ve been riding, reading about and building choppers for many years now – before they were they plaything of the weekend warrior with an extra 50 grand burning a “toy hole” in his pocket, before anything as silly as a 360 wide tire showed up on the scene, and before anybody knew about a guy named Jesse James. In fact, when the TV guys decided this “chopper thing” was something they wanted to point their lenses at, they asked me to promote the first Motorcycle Mania on my site. I’m Warren Fuller and I run a website called, and I have for over 11 years simply because I love custom, hand-built motorcycles that get ridden like demons through the night regardless of wind, snow, rain or hail. I dig bikes that have long front ends, that have cut up frames, that have rigid mounted motors that all spell freedom, fun and the rush of the open road with nothing but you, your motorcycle and a fine woman on the back. I dig choppers.