Everybody has gotta have a muse - an inspiration as it were. You know, that something in the back of brain that starts to itch and sends you screaming to eBay or the parts shop because you have an idea. The amazing thing is that almost anything can touch off this idea - a pretty sunset, the shosh of a muscle car passing by, a wink from a pretty lady or (in this case) visiting ChoppersRule.

Here's what this faithful reader had to say:

Warren, LOVE your site!!! Your site is the one that finally convinced me to take my totally stock 86 sporty and turn it into my own chopper!!! Outside of raking the front end/powder coat, chrome and paint this was completely designed, fabricated, and built by me and a buddy!! If you're gonna ride it build it yourself!!! Through new cams, porting, polishing and a few extra goodies, I've taken this 1200 evo (actually an 883 with a 1200 kit) from the stock 45 hp to about 85 at the rear wheel. I'll know the exact numbers when I dyno-tune it after a 500 mile break-in. It's only got 100 miles on the rebuild now, but, the 500 should be hit today!!
Hope you find time to post these!!

Love the site, keep 'em riding!!!