Choppers are a global thing - but you already knew that. Some fine chops come from all over the continent. The Swedes have their own particular ultra clean style, and pretty much everywhere you look you'll find someone building a chopper. Strange thing - this all started in the good ol' USA and has now spread faster than a case of herpes at a hooker convention.

It always amazes me how some of our brothers overseas end up with this killer vintage iron, stuff we can't even think about finding here. And this is surely the case with Bob's 42 WLA. Bob's a Polish dude with a bunch of good luck (hey, he found a 42 WLA) and a great deal of bike building talent. Hang on to your intercontinental hats while we show you how Bob did it his way in Poland.

The photos on the left are NOT the finished product (tho' it doesn't look too bad to me) these are the BEFORE pictures! That's Bob aboard that old road warrior and he says:

Witaj warren!

Hey Warren, Great site.. Just wanted to share a few pics of my "42 WLA with you and all the other bro's out there, I've been putting this machine together for 2
years, alot of choppin and weldin. Keep On Rockin and Rollin.. Take Care, Bob from