Sometimes people send you stuff you just know you gotta share. The following materials we shot as promo items for some (ahem) "adult" content sites - but I dug the scooters and the chix so much I thought I let ya have the PG version 'cause we just don't do that porno thing around here. BUT, that doesn't mean we can't show some bodacious scantily clad cuties! Read on...

BASILISK #1 of 50 Signature Series Motorcycle

Owner: Preston Stewart
Builder: Iron Horse Choppers
Year/Model: 2004 IHC. Basilisk #1 of 50 signature series
Time to Build: 2 months
Cost to Build: $72,500
Painter: Skinny’s Wild Air Design / IHC
Colors: The Rainbow

Make/Model: TP Engineering Pro Series
Builder: IHC
Displacement: 116” 8.25 to 1 compression
Ignition: Crane HI-4
Blower: Magnacharger 12PSI boost
Modifications: Low compression heads, CW relocated vent holes, decompression releases
Exhaust: IHC Fireball ceramic coated
Intake: IHC C/W dual race Edelbrocks

Make/Model: Baker, 6 speed
Clutch: BDL Top Fuel
Primary Drive: BDL TF 2000
Final Drive: Chrome Chain, Exile Sprotor

Frame/Swingarm: IHC BASILISK
FORKS: Meanstreet Inverted Stinger
TREES: Meanstreet Custom 7 Degree
Rearshocks: Legend Air
Front Wheel: Weld EVO Daytona 21”/2.15”
Rear Wheel: Weld EVO Daytona 18”/9.5” 280 Metzler
Front Brake: PM Six Piston Caliper
Rear Brake: Exile Sprotor

Headlight: IHC
Taillight/Plate Bracket: Slack
Fuel Tank: IHC Dual Petcocks/Fuel Pump/regulator
Oil Tank: Front Spoiler: IHC
Handlebars: IHC
Seat: Gator/Lamb Skin by John
Controls: PM C/W IHC Internal Throttle
Battery: Odyssey
Chain Guard: Snake Knife IHC